UUCM Is Supporting the Upcoming Medford Conversations

The UUCM Social Justice Committee has decided to support the forthcoming Medford Conversations Project and is strongly encouraging our church members (and all interested Medford residents) to take part. Engaging in these conversations will be the Committee’s main activity between mid-January and March, 2017.

The 2017 Conversations are a series of community “Dialogues about Race and Ethnicity in Medford and Beyond,” to place between January 29 and March 12. The MCP’s overall mission is to engage the diverse voices in our community in dialogue, to promote a sustainable, just and thriving Medford. The project has so far held discussions supporting the Arts Summit (’15), MLK Day (’16), Envision Medford (’16) and World Café at Medford High ’16), as well as two dinner gatherings at the Grace Church.

This winter it will offer a series of gatherings to discuss Race and Ethnicity in Medford, shaped around the question, “Who Belongs?” The conversations will begin with a public event at the Medford High School on January 29 at 2:00 pm. After introductory and orienting statements, the participants will then meet for the first time in their small groups. Over the following six weeks, the small groups will meet three more times, deepening their discussion. The groups will be led by local facilitators trained by the group Everyday Democracy. Finally, the entire group will meet in an “action forum” once again in mid-March to summarize their discussions and decide what to do next.

UUCM representatives have participated in planning these conversations, and we are urging our members, as well as all Medford residents, to take part in them at this important historical moment., Three members of UUCM have already volunteered to be trained as small-group facilitators, and—in the weeks after Thanksgiving—we will be encouraging members to sign up as participants (or as facilitators) for the dialogues by going to the website: www.medfordconversations.org.

All interested Medford residents can find out more information about the Medford Conversations by going to the above website.

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