UUA General Assembly is coming up!

Hi all,

I wanted to let everyone know about an important upcoming event in the Unitarian Universalist Association’s calendar, which is General Assembly.  General Assembly, or GA, is the annual meeting for the UUA, and it is where UUA policy is made via a democratic process; it is also an opportunity for worship, learning, and connection with other UUs.  This year, GA is in New Orleans, LA from June 21-25.

Rev. Marta reports that GA is a unique experience where unexpected bonds and friendships can be formed, and where you can experience things such as attending worship with 4,000 other UUs.

Each year, our congregation has the opportunity to have two member delegates participate in GA.  Delegates vote for items on the agenda, which this year include:

If you are interested in attending GA as a delegate of UUCM, please let the board know at uumboard@lists.neighborhood.net!  Delegates are voted on by the congregation at the annual meeting.  If there are no volunteers, Dan and Tammy McKanan will serve as our delegates, but they are happy to give up their status as delegates if others would like to serve.

Delegates can attend in person, or there is now an option to attend remotely.  You can also attend (either remotely or in person) without being a delegate.  More information on registration can be found here.

Finally, if you have any feedback on the items being voted on that you would like to pass along to our delegates, please send it to the board at uumboard@lists.neighborhood.net.

Brendan Shea
UUCM Board Chair

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