Children & Youth

Children and youth are valued members of the church community and are welcome in the sanctuary during the Sunday service. If a baby needs changing or feeding or gets fussy, we have a room adjacent to the sanctuary that the parent can take the child to and still hear the service through a sound system. But children and babies are always welcome during the service. The sound of baby babbling or a child rustling paper while she crayons a picture is part of the life of the congregation.
A few services are multigenerational, which means all ages stay in the sanctuary during the entire service. Most, however, have two parts. In the first part, all ages are in the sanctuary. Then there is a “Time for All Ages,” which is a story or activity especially for children. They come forward and sit as a group to listen to the “Time for All Ages.” When it ends, the children leave to go to their Sunday School classes. Then at the end of the service, adults and children all reunite during the Coffee Hour, where the children have their own special table of snacks and drinks.