Rites of Passage

Although there are no official sacraments in the Unitarian Universalist tradition, we do believe in marking important life passages.

Marriage – Unitarian Universalists played an important role in advocating marriage equality in Massachusetts and across the country. We are honored to celebrate the marriage of all loving couples. If you are interesting in holding a wedding at our church building, contact Rev. Marta at minister@uumedford.org.

Child Dedication Ceremony – Nearly all societies and religions have ceremonies for the welcoming and naming of children. Unitarian Universalists welcome the babies and children of members and friends through a Ceremony of Child Dedication. During the ritual, parents dedicate themselves to care of the child, while the congregation dedicates itself to the child’s spiritual nurturing. We very much believe that “it takes a village” to create a spiritually rich environment in which a child can grow and learn.

Memorial Services – In the wake of death, Unitarian Universalists grieve, but we also celebrate life. The minister works with family and friends to create a service that honors the sacred journey of the person who has died. It’s not unusual to see tears and to hear laughter at these services.
Memorial services usually occur after cremation or burial, though on occasion they happen before the interment of ashes. No casket is present for a memorial service.
If needed, the minister can also work with a family on a short graveside interment rather than on the more usual memorial service.