Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is responsible for overseeing the function of the church, hiring staff and appointing committee members.  The current board members are:

  • Liz Ammons, Chair
  • Ann Heintz, Vice Chair
  • Jenn Vento
  • Brian Wolf
  • Lily MacNamee
  • Paul Marcucilli
  • Steve Schmidt

You can contact the board at

Worship Committee

The Worship Committee works to plan and design our worship services, invite guest ministers and speakers, and set our order of service.

The chair of the Worship Committee is Carolyn Cronin.

You can contact the Worship Committee at

Religious Education Committee

The Religious Education Committee works with our Director of Religious Education, Mimi Olivier to plan and design our Religious Education programming and activities.

Music Committee

The Music Committee works with our Music Director, Sage Fogle, to plan and design our music programming and activities.


The Choir sings on select Sundays.  To join the Choir, contact our music director Sage Fogle at

Soul Matters Small Groups Committee

The Soul Matters Small Groups Committee works with our Worship Committee to organize our Soul Matters Small Groups, which are groups of 5-8 people who meet monthly to discuss that month’s topic in greater detail and build connections to others in the congregation.

Building and Grounds Committee

The Building and Grounds Committee is responsible for the overall upkeep and maintenance of our church building and Osgood House.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is responsible for connecting people on the pathway to become members of UUCM.

Multicultural Ministry Team

The Multicultural Ministry Team’s mission:

“With humility and courage born of our history, we are called as Unitarian Universalists to build the Beloved Community where all persons are welcome as blessings, and the human family lives whole and reconciled.”

You can contact the Multicultural Ministry Team at

Outreach Team

The Outreach Team’s mission is to connect the church with the broader community and share our mission and message.

You can contact the Outreach Team at

Caring Team

The Caring Team is responsible for connecting people in need of assistance or caring with the community.