RE Classes Starting This Fall

We are planning three classes this fall. The Younger Kids Class, ages 4-7; Elementary school Class; and Coming of Age. Our older teens will meet twice a month as a Youth Group and will also be working with the Center for Citizenship and Social Responsibility … read more.

Mimi Olivier’s Contract Extended

I’m pleased to announce that, on the strong recommendation from the RE committee, the Board has unanimously voted to extend Mimi Olivier’s contract for another year as our Director of Religious Education. I very much appreciate all of Mimi’s hard work and dedication with … read more.

Welcome (Back) Alex Cumming!

Hello everyone,

It is with great pleasure that I’d like to announce that Alex Cumming will continue to be our Music Director – and will shed the ‘Interim’ title – for the 2018-19 church year! We’ve been very lucky to have Alex share his musical … read more.

Recommitment Campaign

Dear Recommitted UUMedford-ites,

Thanks to all for a wonderful Recommitment Campaign!

Our campaign has “officially” ended, so we want to provide results. Our pledge total for fiscal 2018-2019 is now at $71,359. This is a very good figure, slightly above what was pledged last year. … read more.

Rummage Sale Results

Dear UUCM Community:

Our profit total for the sale today is close to $3200!! Yippee! This is a few hundred less than the last two years but perfectly acceptable. Our sense is that we had less higher-price items for sale this year. Also, … read more.

A Message from the Board Chair

Hi everyone! I hope you are enjoying the beginning of spring.

I’m excited about the overall energy within the church, which I think is exemplified by the fantastic services that we’ve had, and the wonderful events which have happened recently (such as the very fun … read more.

Rummage Sale Moves into Full Gear!

Spring is almost here and our LARGE UUCM church rummage sale fund-raiser is approaching – Saturday, April 7, 9 to 2. Last year we raised $3500 in support of church operating costs. This is a good target for this year.

This is what we need from … read more.

Covenant FAQs

Why are we holding Covenant Writing Sessions?

As Unitarian Unversalists, our religion is a covenantal one; that is, we do not have a creed we subscribe to, but we agree to covenant with each other within our church.

Covenants are living things – they come alive by … read more.

Covenant Weekend



Happy New Year to all those I have not seen yet. I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday time with friends or family or both.


We are off to a new year, even if it may feel like some things have not changed one iota. But things … read more.