Children’s Program classes at UUCM are child-centered. Our curriculum works to develop awareness of the powers within the self. While our classes do not dictate specific doctrinal beliefs, we teach humanist values that support love and respect for the world and each other. Students are allowed to discover the many aspects of Unitarian Universalism at their own pace. Key elements of the Children’s Program are Covenant and Credo. The Credo is development of personal beliefs and the Covenant is our promise, which sets our relationships with each other and our world as a basis and model for church, family, and community life.

We have a “younger kids class” which is for 4-8 year olds and an “older kids class” which serves kids from 9 and up. We also have a teen program. Children’s Program classes are held each Sunday from September through mid-June. They are taught by church staff as well as parent volunteers.

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