Black Lives Matter banner slashed; has been replaced

Hi all,

I wanted to inform everyone that a couple days ago, we discovered that our Black Lives Matter banner (which was recently restored after having been stolen) was slashed. We have replaced it with a new banner, and will be reporting the incident to the police.

Rather than discourage us from displaying the banner, these recent incidents of vandalism only further our resolve to display it, and strengthen the reasons why we need to do so. It is of course disappointing that there are those in the community who would resort to such vandalism, but this is indicative that there are conversations about race and racial justice that still need to occur in our community.

To support those conversations, we are organizing a public rededication of the banner on Sunday, December 10 at 1pm which will include representatives from the City of Medford, the Mystic Valley Area NAACP, the UUA, Sanctuary UCC, and First Parish Malden, as well as of course UUCM. See details about the event here.

In peace,
-Brendan Shea
UUCM Board Chair