Come join the Choir!

Hello to you all, hope you are all well.

I thought I would get in contact with you all about one of the great pleasures of being your Music Director; the UUCM Choir!

Choir is open to all, meaning all ages and abilities. You don’t need to be able to read music or even think of yourself as a singer, just come along and let our voices join together in harmony. In the days leading up to a choir Sunday, I will send out sheet music and either audio or a video of the piece we will be singing. Our music ranges from folk, hymns and classical to pop, musicals and more. I am aiming to run this choir in a more ‘Pick-up’ format so that people who can’t commit to every choir Sunday can still participate. (There may be the option of extra rehearsals on the build-up to big services such as Christmas)

Choir will be starting back up on September 30th, and we will start singing at 9.30am.
We will be singing ‘We Bid You Welcome’ by Jason Shelton. Some of the choir from last year had the pleasure of singing at the launch of Shelton’s ‘Cycle of Song’, where ‘We Bid You Welcome’ is from, so I am very excited for the UUCM choir to sing this song!
You can preview a PDF plus hear full audio of the song (together and in parts) on his website: (‘We Bid You Welcome’ is the first song in the list).

If you are not able to make September 30th you are still more than welcome to any forthcoming dates: October 14th, October 21st, November 4th (and more).

If you would like to talk about choir, ask any questions or let me know you are planning to come along then please do not hesitate to contact me.

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All the best,

Alex Cumming
Music Director, Unitarian Universalist Church of Medford