Music for Contemplation: Prelude in C Major” from The Well Tempered Clavier by J.S. Bach, performed by Sam Chan; and “Taloowa’ Chipota (Children’s Songs)” by Jerod Impichchaachaaha’ Tate, performed by the Minnesota Boychoir. Photos by Steve Schmidt, Andey Amata, © pexabay and © Soul Matters.

Prelude: Jig” from The Fairy Queen, Z. 629 by Henry Purcell, performed on recorders by Papalin

Opening Words by Kathleen McTigue from Singing the Living Tradition #435


Chalice Lighting: words by Nita Penfold from Lifting Our Voices #15


Love is the heart of this church.
We commit to:
Being a diverse, welcoming community of mutual care and respect;
Supporting each other's spiritual journey and search for truth and meaning;
Promoting justice and serving the wider community.
We hold ourselves to this promise with compassion and understanding.

Hymn #298: “Wake, Now, My Senses”, words: Thomas J.S. Mikelson, music: traditional Irish melody, harmony by Carlton R. Young (Singing the Living Tradition). vocals Nancy Kurtz and Brendan O’Brine, piano/vocals Molly Ruggles

Wake, now, my senses, and hear the earth call;
feel the deep power of being in all;
keep, with the web of creation your vow,
giving, receiving as love shows us how.
Wake, now, my reason, reach out to the new;
join with each pilgrim who quests for the true;
honor the beauty and wisdom of time;
suffer thy limit, and praise the sublime.
Wake, now, compassion, give heed to the cry;
voices of suffering fill the wide sky;
take as your neighbor both stranger and friend,
praying and striving their hardship to end.
Wake, now, my conscience, with justice thy guide;
join with all people whose rights are denied;
take not for granted a privileged place;
God’s love embraces the whole human race.
Wake, now, my vision of ministry clear;
brighten my pathway with radiance here;
mingle my calling with all who will share;
work toward a planet transformed by our care.

Candles of Joys, Sorrows and Milestones


Offering: Renewal for Piano, Flute and Cello (Tate)

Reading: “Skywoman Falling” from Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer

Music: Colors of the Wind“, words by Steven Schwartz, music by Alan Menken, performed by Joi Wolf

Sermon: “The Three Sisters and a Theology of Community”

Hymn #326: “Let All the Beauty We Have Known”, words by Dana McLean Greeley, music: English melody, adapt. and harmony by Ralph Vaughan Williams (Singing the Living Tradition) vocals: Brendan O’Brine, piano: Molly Ruggles

Let all the beauty we have known
illuminate our hearts and minds.
Rejoice in wonders daily shown, 
in faith and joy, and love that binds.
We celebrate with singing hearts
the loveliness of sky and earth,
the inspiration of the arts, 
the miracle of every birth.
Life’s music and its poetry
surround and bless us through our days.
For these we sing in harmony,
together giving thanks and praise.

Closing Words by Kathleen McTigue from Singing the Living Tradition #706

Postlude: “Sagamite Song I (Kichesipirini Honor/Victory Song)” by Timothy Archambault, from Canadian Algonquin Flute Songs, Vol. 1, 2014.