Recommitment Campaign

Dear Recommitted UUMedford-ites,

Thanks to all for a wonderful Recommitment Campaign!

Our campaign has “officially” ended, so we want to provide results. Our pledge total for fiscal 2018-2019 is now at $71,359. This is a very good figure, slightly above what was pledged last year. However, we are short of the goal of $72,000 (2% increase from last year). Fear not, if you meant to pledge and didn’t, or you pledged, but now realize you could do a bit more, it is not too late. Pledges are welcome at any time, in any amount! EVERY PLEDGE HELPS!!

“Thank you!” to all of us, not only for our financial commitments, but for all that we all do to support our community with our time, talents, and attitudes.


Your Recommitment Committee.

Carolyn Cronin & Dana MacNamee