Finding Balance in Aging: Recalibrating

Please join us for worship on Sunday at 11 when we will consider how to recalibrate our lives as we grow older, and find our balance in dealing with both the sorrows and the joys of old age.

Susan Jhirad will lead the service, with personal sharing from Bill Stevenson, Ilene Lerner, Marsha Lawson and Joe Walters. Music will be provided by Russell Tripp, Molly Ruggles, Nancy Kurtz, Brendan Shea and Marsha Lawson. Whether you are old, growing old or still young, please join us. We will have fun singing some old favorites (Beatles involved).

And don’t forget to “recalibrate” your clocks – spring one hour forward!

After the service, we will gather for refreshments in the fellowship hall. All are welcome.