Under Pressure

Living up to our deepest values is hard enough on most days.  Under pressure – when our family life or the political moment or an illness or the weather or our community is stressing out – it can feel impossible.   Rev. Elizabeth Nguyen reflects on embodying courage under pressure.  And on pressure cookers, which she has very little experience with.

Please join us.  The service will be followed by coffee and refreshments in the fellowship hall.

Morning songs:

#396 – I Know This Rose Will Open

#1058 – Be Ours a Religion

#1002 – Comfort Me



#155: Circle Round for Freedom

#116: I’m On My Way

“Oye Mi Gente”:

Oye mi gente trawoms las fuerza; la libertad es mi unica bandera.

Listen my people, my condor, my eagle, no human being can ever be illegal.

FREE CHILDCARE FOR TODDLERS & PRESCHOOLERS. We are delighted to have children come to church, and they are always welcome to stay in the sanctuary during the service. We also offer free childcare for toddlers and preschoolers during the service.