Homecoming and Water Communion

This Sunday, we start a new church year.  Rev. Marta will lead our annual Water Communion service.  All are welcome – please join us!

See below for some excerpts from Rev. Marta’s email to the UUCM community.

“How beautiful that when we gather again for “big church” what we bring is water with all its healing gifts, even as we know that water can be destructive as well as. But we come together this Sunday and bring water from our summer (not necessarily from travel) that is meaningful to us and we combine it into our common bowl in a ritual that magnifies that we are a community. …”

“When you come to church this Sunday, you will be warmly greeted and then a Worship Associate will hand you an index card, the color based on which direction your water is from. You will have some time (depending on what time you arrive!) to write your words down, (clearly and legibly please), and more time in the service. For now, what I need you to do is gather water if you haven’t already and think about what you want to write on your card. If your place has a dual direction (Southwest, Northeast…), you can choose one of the directions, or choose the “center” card. Ok?”

… “it will be a beautiful way to start our church year. Our Music Director (not acting!) Alex Cumming will be present, we may have other musical surprises, we will take our annual photo for our website, there will be goodies to munch on while we chat and catch up with one another. And anyone peeking in on us will witness all this and say, ‘what a great community!'”


A note on accommodations for young families: We are delighted to have children come to church, and they are always welcome to stay in the sanctuary during our services.  We also have a “Quiet Room” next to the sanctuary for parents and their children – it has toys, a rocking chair, a changing table, and speakers which broadcast the service. And we offer free childcare for toddlers and preschoolers each Sunday during the service in the Nursery Room on the second floor of the Osgood House (the yellow house across the street from the church).  Please join us and bring your whole family!