Summer Sunday Service In-Person: Osgood House

Join us for our summer Sunday Service led by member Susan Jhirad. We will learn about Rev. David Osgood and the history of the Osgood House, along with a tour.

A little History of our Church through the Centuries, the great and the… not so great.

Did you know that our little church started in the 17th century and was the first church in Medford- then called Meadford? That it was the “official church” of Medford? That we had some truly great abolitionists in our church and its ministry, as well as one slaveholder? To find out more about our fascinating history, complete with a little tour of Osgood House (1785) our church parsonage, please come to this Sunday’s lay-led service.

We will be gathering in-person – outside in the yard of the Osgood House (141 High Street) next to the church building. Social hour to follow.