Summer Sunday Service: Folk Song Circle

Join us at 10 AM for our summer Sunday Service led by church member Andey Amata.

Some info about what “song circle” means:

  • It’s a circle!
  • We go around and each person chooses a song, until it’s time to stop.
  • Andey has a list of songs that they can play. Most are fairly well known, and a few are favorites of theirs that you might like. They will send the list out to the community list in a separate email, and it’s not too late to request an addition.
  • Children are welcome, and some kids’ find the experience magical, but other than “This Little Light,” these are not childrens’ songs.
  • No criticism of others’ voices or choices is allowed – and, in fact, being kind to yourself about your voice is a practice.

Other things:

  • There is no air conditioning!! It is a big stone building, with a high ceiling, so maybe it won’t be as hot as outside? 
  • Bring a water bottle.

We will be gathering in-person in Benker Hall. There will be no Zoom option for our Summer Sunday Services.