Sunday Service

Come to church this Sunday for a deep dive into our congregation’s history and a celebration of our abolitionist heritage. Dan McKanan will share the stories of Lydia Maria Child and George Luther Stearns, two fighters for racial justice who grew up in our church two hundred years ago. And we will all sing lots of abolitionist hymns with a Medford twist! Please join us as we learn how our past can enrich our present struggle for social justice.

Dan McKanan is a member of our church, the Ralph Waldo Emerson Senior Lecturer at the Harvard Divinity School, author of 5 published books, and the lead editor of the two-volume A Documentary History of Unitarian Universalism (Skinner House Books, 2017)

Morning Song at 10:50, our service starts at 11.

After the service, we will gather for refreshments in the fellowship hall. All are welcome.