Our Creative Church

This Sunday continues our month on Creativity. In addition to honoring Mother’s Day, we will showcase the creative works of our own congregation: Art by Ben Marder, Nicolas Sargent and Phil Bloom, original poetry by Rada Ruggles, Antonia Collins, Dave Concepcion, Robert Hayes and Susan Jhirad; dance by Russell Fidelman, original songs by Hank Driscoll, Molly Ruggles, and music by Linda Schwetz, Nancy Kurtz and our merry band of musicians. Please come and support them all. (If you want to hear Hank’s song, come early as it will be our Prelude.)

In addition to the fun fan-making in Benker Hall, we will showcase quilts made by Betty Walters and Melissa Radzyminski, and cards by Cheryl Bell. (if your work has been inadvertently neglected, please feel free to bring it into Benker to show on our tables).

After the service, we will gather for refreshments in the fellowship hall. Cones will be provided to make self-serve ice cream cones with leftover ice cream from our great social. However, our church cupboard is nearly bare, and donations of healthy snacks (cheese, crackers, humus, veggies, fruit) or unhealthy cookies would be greatly appreciated). All are welcome.