Wearing Our Vision

Join us for ‘tee-shirt Sunday’ Worship.  We often wear our visions for ourselves or for the world right there on our bodies for all to see. We aren’t usually motivated to invest in a tee-shirt unless we are moved in some way by what the message is, whether it is in words or graphically expressed.

Tee-shirts and the messages on them remind us of special events or times that we participate in, that were meaningful for any number of reasons. And then, we have a hard time letting them go when they get old and raggedy, so they morph into beloved quilts or art of some kind. Partly because of memories, partly because of the message.

So come to church wearing your favorite tee and share with one another the “why” of your choice, or why it came to be in your collection. What was the event, or the cause that made you decide to let your body be a walking sandwich board?

After the service, we will gather for coffee and refreshments in the fellowship hall. All are welcome.