Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Join us this Sunday as we move into our new Soul Matters theme of “Courage” – What does it mean to be a people of courage?

Molly Ruggles will be playing the piano and we will have guest singers Sayida Rivers Farmer and Ricky Richardson.

You will have opportunities to be courageous, the first one being that you will show up in spite of having learned this! The second is to wear something pink even though Mimi nor I will tell you why. Only being present will satisfy your curiosity.

Intrigued? Come and be a part of what we are up to, and bring a friend. It won’t work if YOU are not there!

FREE CHILDCARE FOR TODDLERS & PRESCHOOLERS. We are delighted to have children come to church, and they are always welcome to stay in the sanctuary during the service. We also offer free childcare for toddlers and preschoolers during the service.