Shared Ministry in a time of Lockdown

Dear fellow members and friends of UUCM,

If you have been checking your church email with any regularity you are probably already aware that some members have already reached out with suggestions on how to fill the personal communal gap left by having to cancel our Sunday services and other group activities due to the Coronavirus epidemic.

I am in awe of how so many of you have already stepped forward and carried on our shared ministry via phone calling and web technologies such as Skype and Zoom. Indeed, the Board had it’s first-ever board meeting via Zoom last night and is actively working on presenting some kind of virtual service via the web this weekend.

As we ease into social distancing and, maybe, even self-quarantine, please remember that there are some who cannot, because of age, physical, or health issues, get out at all. While grocery stores and pharmacies are still open those of us who are able can shop for those who cannot get out and then leave the groceries of medicines at the door of the person in need.

Phone calling to maintain contact and ministry has already begun. Phone calling fellow members and friends is not only an excellent way of ministering but may even be a way to make new acquaintances or learn more about those with whom we are already friendly. If you don’t know the phone number of fellow members, please send Steve Schmidt an email and he will send you the last edition of our Directory.

For all that this epidemic is a time of care, concern, difficulty, trouble, and suffering I also see it as a time to further strengthen our shared values, and principles which are the foundation of our shared ministry.

In Peace and with Loving Kindness,

Steve Schmidt
for the Caring Team