Speaker: Steve Schmidt

Steve Schmidt is a longtime, active member of our congregation and
our Board.  Religion has long played an important role in Steve’s life and studies.  While in Thailand, as a young man, he studied Theravada Buddhism, and he was ordained as a monk for one year; he then studied for a Master of Arts degree in Philosophy at Chula Longkorn University in Bangkok.  More recently, after becoming a member of our church—and because he saw a great consilience between Buddhism and the Principles of Unitarian Universalism–Steve began a course of studies at Andover Newton Theological School.  Realizing that UU ministry was not in his future he took a Masters Degree in Moral Theology there.

Where is your Treasure Room?

We usually think of Abundance in terms of things that we want or like and that are pleasant.  But we may also have an Abundance of occasions when we tend to be unskillful or unwise – to do, say or think things that are based … read more.