Topic: Expectation

Tolerance Ain’t Easy

Join us for Sunday worship as we continue to explore September’s theme of Expectation with guest minister Rev. Terry E. Carter. The title of his sermon is “Tolerance Ain’t Easy”. It is our tradition to sing a few hymns before the service to warm up our spirits. All are welcome to join us for “Morning … Continue reading Tolerance Ain’t Easy

Sunday Service: White Fragility

Join us Sunday at 11 as we share the Board’s heartfelt responses to Robin DiAngelo’s book White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard For White People to Talk About Racism. Last year, the board read the book slowly, delving into the important issues it raised from their personal experience. Though this month’s theme is “Expectation”, try … Continue reading Sunday Service: White Fragility

Water Communion

Join us for our first regular (11 AM) service of the year, which is our annual Water Communion. All are invited to bring water from a place of spiritual significance to you this summer,   whether you traveled or not. We will have water that you may use as if it was yours. In preparation, we … Continue reading Water Communion