Touchstone Groups

Dear UUCM Friends:
As we turn the corner from Summer to Fall, we invite YOU as part of the UUCM Community to join one of the upcoming monthly Touchstone Groups.

‘Touchstone Groups’ are groups of six to eight people who meet once a month through the church year, in-person or via Zoom, to share with each other our own personal experiences and insights. This year’s topics are suggested by Rev. Bruce and include Mortality, Money, Acts of Kindness, and other intriguing topics.

Groups are filling up but there is still room in all of the groups listed below, beginning in September.

Please let me know soon about your interest in being in one of the groups

1) ZOOM – 3rd Monday Evening with Alex Daum and Michael Glenn (Sept. 18). 
2) ZOOM – 3rd Monday Evening with Rev. Bruce Taylor (Sept. 18).
3) ZOOM – 4th Sunday afternoon with Ann Heintz – a welcoming women’s group open to anyone who identifies as a woman (Sept. 24)
4) IN-PERSON – 4th Tuesday evening with Lourie August at church (Sept.26.)

I hope that many of us will participate in our Touchstone groups this fall. Touchstone groups are a great opportunity for church community members to gather in small groups – to get to know each other better and to share more deeply from the heart.  

If you are interested in participating in a Touchstone group or have questions, please let Lourie August know via email: