UUCM Covid Policy

Welcome to our church!

COVID-19 vaccination for all those eligible to be vaccinated (and boosted if eligible) is required for in-person attendance on Sundays. Masks are encouraged. This policy is based on the fact that businesses, restaurants, and schools have been open for in-person gatherings for months, COVID statistics are good in our area, and mask-wearing is optional in local schools. Of course, any people who wish to wear masks are very welcome to stay masked on Sundays, both in church and during Social Hour, or they can attend remotely on Zoom. The UUCM policy making masks optional means that vaccinated people who attend in person may choose to do what feels best for them.

We base our COVID policy on two basic Unitarian Universalist principles: respect for science, which unequivocally recommends vaccination for all those eligible, and belief in the interconnected web of lifeā€”the fact that we are all connected and what each of us does affects the whole.