We’ve received a Growth Grant!

I’m proud to announce that UUCM has received a Growth Grant in the amount of $1000 that we plan to use for some accessibility improvements as well as to help repair our sign! This grant was made possible by the Tyngsboro UU church, which recently closed; they wanted to ensure that some of their remaining funds went to assist other UU churches in their own growth, as well as to help connect small UU churches in the area to talk about growth strategies. As part of this, several members of UUCM and I attended a luncheon hosted by First Parish Malden (the administrator of the grant) along with about 10 other UU churches in the area, where we all talked about how we planned to use the grant funds. It was great to hear ideas from other churches about how to foster growth, and I plan to keep in touch with that group.

As mentioned, we plan to use the funds to make small but impactful accessibility improvements, as well as to help repair our front sign (which is missing the ‘e’ in Universalist). One of the initial projects we’re using the funds for is to purchase a few large-print hymnals, and make them available at the visitor’s table by the front entrance. We’ve already heard some feedback about other ideas for small but impactful improvements, but please send other ideas to the board (at uumboard@lists.neighborhood.net). This project was inspired by the ‘Invisible Disabilities’ sermon given over the summer by Ilene Lerner, Betty Hauk and Lisa Bouley. Thanks again to them for that inspirational service.

In peace,
Brendan Shea
UUCM Board Chair