Summer Sunday Service

Join us at 10 AM for our summer Sunday Service led by church member Michael Glenn.

“She was slight and unremarkable, a small girl with tiny hands and feet, a large head, and an oddly-shaped face with a large chin, but dark, penetrating eyes. ‘A superior head on an inferior body,’ someone said. ‘No one could have experienced a more tortured youth,’ she said about herself. Often sickly, she was hypersensitive, but intelligent. She received no formal education at all and felt like an ignoramus for much of her life. But she was curious about everything, read voraciously, and had a remarkable charisma…”

So begins the story Michael is going to tell at this Sunday’s service… It’s the story of someone you’ve probably NEVER heard of, Rahel Varnhagen… but I think you’ll be as fascinated by her story as he is…

We will be gathering in-person in the sanctuary. There will be no Zoom option for our Summer Sunday Services.