Speaker: Michael Glenn

Sunday Service

Join us for our Sunday Service led by Andey Amata, Michael Glenn, and Lourie August, which will examine our historic relationship to Native American people, building on responses to some of our book club’s readings by Native American authors. Before attending service in person please read our Covid Policy. Our service will be in-person in … Continue reading Sunday Service

Summer Sunday Service

Join us at 10 AM for our summer Sunday Service led by church member Michael Glenn. “She was slight and unremarkable, a small girl with tiny hands and feet, a large head, and an oddly-shaped face with a large chin, but dark, penetrating eyes. ‘A superior head on an inferior body,’ someone said. ‘No one … Continue reading Summer Sunday Service

Sunday Service: Finding a Refuge in Difficult Times

It’s natural to feel anxious and unsettled in rapidly changing times. Finding a refuge within our own hearts can help us feel centered as we cope with constantly shifting worries and fears. Michael Glenn leads this week’s service, which offers three ways that Deep Listening can cultivate this inner refuge. Our service will be hosted … Continue reading Sunday Service: Finding a Refuge in Difficult Times

Summer Sunday Service: Understanding Mary Sue

In this Sunday’s lay-led service, Michael Glenn takes us on a dream journey through time, triggered by memories of growing up in Atlanta. Seeking to understand southern evangelicals’ beliefs in sin and personal salvation, he spins through centuries of religious history, aided at critical moments by Oriana McKanan and Bill Stevenson. Join us for this … Continue reading Summer Sunday Service: Understanding Mary Sue

Dealing With Difference

Join us for Sunday worship as we continue to explore April’s theme of Wholeness. Michael Glenn, a lay member of our church, will lead the service, titled “Dealing With Difference”. It is our tradition to sing a few hymns before the service to warm up our spirits. All are welcome to join us for “Morning … Continue reading Dealing With Difference