Speaker: Rev. Aisha Ansano

Rev. Aisha Ansano is a UU minister whose call is to serve as a prophetic and pastoral presence to those seeking community and connection. She believes there is room at the table for everyone, and seeks to literally make that true by creating space for people to worship together over a meal. She is in the process of planting a dinner church in Malden, MA, building a community that sustains each other in body and in spirit.

The Creator’s Workshop

Join Rev. Aisha Ansano and Mimi Olivier for an interactive, whole-church worship that explores what it means for us to have the freedom to make our own choices and decisions. It is our tradition to sing a few hymns before the service to warm up our spirits.  All are welcome to join us for “Morning Song” … Continue reading The Creator’s Workshop

I Believe in the Night

So much of our time is spent in the light. What would it be like to stop and appreciate the darkness, pay attention to its unique beauty? Join us for Sunday worship as we begin to explore November’s theme of Attention with guest minister Rev. Aisha Ansano. It is our tradition to sing a few … Continue reading I Believe in the Night

All Are Called

It is not uncommon to talk about the call of a minister or other religious professional. But what about you? What are you called to do? Who are you called to be? Drawing inspiration from the movie Moana, join guest minister Rev. Aisha Ansano as we think about our own calls and journeys. After the … Continue reading All Are Called