Speaker: Rev. Bruce Taylor

Rev. Bruce Taylor attended the Andover Newton Theological School, where he was ordained in 2009. As part of his pastoral education, Rev. Bruce ministered to the patient and staff population of Fletcher Allen Health Care Center in Burlington, Vermont, where he engaged hospital patients and their families in pastoral conversation and prayer as they faced serious illness, served as an on-call chaplain, and led televised, interfaith Sunday services in the hospital chapel.

Rev. Bruce also developed adult RE curricula on Transcendentalism and Howard Thurman, the African American theologian and philosopher of radical non-violence whose ideas greatly influenced the life and work of Martin Luther King Jr.

After his ordination, Rev. Bruce went on to serve as part-time minister for the First Parish Church in Billerica from 2010 to 2015, where, in addition to the traditional duties of ministry, he led a strategic planning effort for church growth. Rev. Bruce has also served as part-time minister for the Ashby First Parish Church, the First Universalist Society of Wakefield, and the First Church of Leominster.

Outside the world of ministry, Rev. Bruce enjoys hiking in the White Mountains and nature photography, and has been a member of the New England Flute Orchestra of Indian Hill since 1988!

Sunday Service: Covenants Old and New

Join us for our Sunday Service led by Rev. Bruce Taylor.

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Sunday Service: To Heal is to Make Whole

Join us for our Sunday Service led by Rev. Bruce Taylor.

To heal does not necessarily mean to cure, but to move towards a fuller integration between body, spirit and the community that makes healing possible. Today’s sermon is dedicated to people in the process of … read more.

Sunday Service: Mind the Gap

Join us for our Sunday Service led by Rev. Bruce Taylor.

Today, as we pass through the liminal zone between the old year and the new, we will explore the generative spaces between worlds: thought and action, you and me, status quo and future condition, the … read more.

Sunday Service: Holiday Pageant

Don’t miss our multicultural Holiday Pageant, “The Winter Candle!” It’s a warm-hearted story of how a single candle illuminates the holidays for several families from different religions and ethnicities who live in an apartment building. It includes a focus on new immigrants as well. This … read more.