Speaker: Rev. Ian Maher

Rev. Ian White Maher is an ordained Unitarian Universalist minister and has served churches in New York City and North Carolina. Presently he lives at the Cambridge Zen Center, one of the largest residential Buddhist temples in North America. He is a retreat leader, spiritual director, and is working on a book about the possibilities of spiritual transformation. To see more of his work visit his website at www.theseekerstable.com/

The Nervous Laughter of Vulnerability

Finding intimacy, experiencing intimacy with God seems difficult, but it is just a matter of practice and willingness to create safe spaces where we can reveal ourselves. More often than not we don’t feel safe, or safe enough, so we talk about intimacy with God and intimacy with other … read more.

I Forgive You, But I Was Right

Join us for Sunday worship as we begin to explore December’s theme of Awe with guest minister Rev. Ian White Maher. His sermon is titled “I Forgive You, But I Was Right”.

It is our tradition to sing a few hymns before the service to … read more.

Are You Ready To Love?

The stories we hold in our heads about other people can be almost narcotic and we look around every corner hoping that so-and-so has messed up, praying that we find something to use to bash them. We can hold onto stories for days, weeks, some … read more.

Sunday Service

Join us for Sunday worship as we welcome back Rev. Ian Maher as our guest minister.

After the service, join us for coffee and refreshments in the fellowship hall.  All are welcome.

“Hello, Non-Believers!”

What would it mean to be evangelical about our faith? How would we relate to the world if we approached it from the perspective of being people who hold a powerful, healing message. What kind of God would we celebrate? We can either stand wide-eyed … read more.