Speaker: Rev. Laura Randall

As the Director for Congregation Relations at UUSC, the Reverend Laura Randall (she/her/hers) facilitates partnerships to strengthen the impact of the UU Service Committee and the social justice reach of UU communities. Prior to joining UUSC, Laura’s ministry included serving as the Legacy Campaign Director for the Unitarian Universalist Association and hospice chaplaincy. She lives in Medford, Massachusetts with her spouse and their two dogs.

Sunday Service: Pursuing Liberation

Join us for our Sunday Service led by guest minister Rev. Laura Randall.

In the face of challenges and forces that undermine justice and equity, UUSC has, for more than eight decades, been resisting cynicism and refusing complacency. Through a model that embraces radical trust, UUSC … read more.

Sunday Service: Taking Risks

Join us for our Sunday Service led by Rev. Laura Randall.

How do we decide if an action is risky? Does it matter who has to bear the consequences of action or inaction? What if our values and our faith tell us that we must take a … read more.

Sunday Service: Making Room

Join us for our Sunday Service on October’s theme of Cultivating Relationship led by Rev. Laura Randall.

The collective trauma of the pandemic has left all of us in need of space to process and time to heal. How can we help offer that to ourselves … read more.

Sunday Service: Sacred Interruptions

Interruptions are often considered annoying or rude, but sometimes they are highly necessary. Join us as we explore what it means to use interruptions as a means of resistance and renewal.  Our service will be led by Rev. Laura Randall.

Our service will be hosted on … read more.

Another World Is Possible

Join us in welcoming Rev. Laura Randall from the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee! For 80 years, UUSC has been advancing UU values by working with justice makers the world over confronting unjust power structures and challenging oppressive policies. From UUSC’s origins in defying the Nazis … read more.

Since We’re Together

The television show “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” aired on PBS from 1968 until 2001. Generations of children in the United States grew up with Mister Rogers as an important guide. Join us as we explore the legacy and vision of Fred Rogers’ television ministry and ask … read more.

Seeking The Antidote

In a society that is poisoned by greed, violence, and racism, where to we find the antidote? Join us as we explore the wisdom of prophets past and what it means to live a life of intention and conscience today.  Rev. Laura Randall will return … read more.

Sunday Service

Please join us for worship on Sunday at 11.  Guest minister, Rev. Laura Randall, will lead the service.

Join us after the service for refreshments in the fellowship hall.