Topic: Wholeness

Dealing With Difference

Join us for Sunday worship as we continue to explore April’s theme of Wholeness. Michael Glenn, a lay member of our church, will lead the service, titled “Dealing With Difference”. It is our tradition to sing a few hymns before the service to warm up our spirits. All are welcome to join us for “Morning … Continue reading Dealing With Difference

Easter Sunday

Join Rev. Marta this Sunday for our Whole Church service that will invite you to think about some of the ways the divine shows up in our lives. A special “quartet” will be singing one of Rev. Marta’s favorite songs, we’ll bless each other in a new fun way, and we will honor each of … Continue reading Easter Sunday

From Betrayal to Wholeness

From time immemorial humans have engaged in one of the most despicable and hurtful actions anyone can do, that of betrayal.  Let us reflect on the lessons this Palm Sunday can bring to us; also, on how through forgiveness we could be able to heal our deepest collective and personal wounds, therefore attaining wholeness in … Continue reading From Betrayal to Wholeness

Sunday Service

Join Rev. Marta as we explore the function (and necessity) of “taking the pause” in order to create a sense of wholeness in one’s life. After the service, join us for coffee and refreshments in the fellowship hall.  All are welcome.