Topic: Attention

Sunday Service

Join us for Sunday worship as we continue to explore November’s theme of Attention.

It is our tradition to sing a few hymns before the service to warm up our spirits. All are welcome to join us for “Morning Song” at approximately 10:50 in the sanctuary. … read more.

Sit Naomi and Pay Attention

We live in a society that runs at a thousand miles an hour…with so many tasks and “to do’s” that we never have a minute to breathe. Stopping to pay attention to your surroundings and the people in it can be a way to be more … read more.

Are You Ready To Love?

The stories we hold in our heads about other people can be almost narcotic and we look around every corner hoping that so-and-so has messed up, praying that we find something to use to bash them. We can hold onto stories for days, weeks, some … read more.

I Believe in the Night

So much of our time is spent in the light. What would it be like to stop and appreciate the darkness, pay attention to its unique beauty? Join us for Sunday worship as we begin to explore November’s theme of Attention with guest minister … read more.