Topic: Integrity

The Nervous Laughter of Vulnerability

Finding intimacy, experiencing intimacy with God seems difficult, but it is just a matter of practice and willingness to create safe spaces where we can reveal ourselves. More often than not we don’t feel safe, or safe enough, so we talk about intimacy with God and intimacy with other … read more.

A Radical Revolution of Values

Member and long-time social justice activist Carol Schachet will speak celebrating Martin Luther King Day. Her service will explore what Dr. King called the “giant triplets” of racism, extreme materialism, and militarism using his own words, and the words of current leaders and movements … read more.

Learning From Young Activists

What can we learn from a young South African boy who spoke out honestly about AIDS in a time when it was not spoken of?  How can we learn from today’s young activists?  Please join Carole Bundy as she leads Sunday worship. Special music … read more.

New Beginnings

As we enter into a new year, we take time to reflect on the meaning of new beginnings. What does it mean to begin again and to build something beautiful amid the brokenness of our hurting world? How do we remain hopeful amid all that … read more.